Sunday, August 22, 2010


i am planning my escape. i stand here working at the t-shirt shop literally hating every minute of it. i hate the people that walk in. i hate the shirts i'm folding. and i'm really, really not a big fan of this town. so, instead of dwelling in hatred, i'm going to plan my way out. i plan everything else why can't i plan this? i need a deadline - how about no sooner than 1 year from now (for ample preparation) and no more than 2 years from now (to not let myself get sucked into something else i can't leave). August 22nd 2011-2012 i'll be gone. finito. vanish. i'll need a new house, a new job and and a new city. i think it should be a city. the bigger it is the more options i have to get work and enjoy what i'm doing. i believe that my discontent experienced in the restaurant and now in the t-shirt shop is just a sign that this is not what i'm meant to do for the rest of my life. or even the rest of my 20's. every shirt i fold and every appointment i book or bed i make i will from this point forward consider it preparation and pennies earned to be put towards my departure. so if customers ask inanely stupid questions - that's ok. if i can't honestly go for 2 hours a day without getting a text or phone call from the spa asking me how to do something or to pick something up or yet ANOTHER idea or goal that i must research and complete, then you know what? that's ok, too. it's all making me appreciate my future contentment. i have no particular place picked out or job or home but it isn't here. i'm open to suggestions but know that i will not be here forever. i will very soon leave. day 1 starts now, 364-729 to go.

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  1. Know you will find the perfect place, job, home and life that God has planned for you! Keep your chin facing forward! And believe in His plan.