Saturday, December 17, 2011


It is no exaggeration to say that I have a terrible case of buyer's remorse. It could be attributed to our childhood of never really spending a lot on unnecessary things (for which I am very grateful, this mad shopping season leaves a very sour taste in my mouth every year) or possibly that I work very hard at whatever job(s) I may have so spending what I earn always looks like hours spent or tips earned that I'll never get back. Therefore, the decision to buy winter boots and the very comfy pair of slippers pictured above was about an hours decision undoubtedly exhausting my dear sister that sold them to me. However, upon returning home from the gym, first time this week due to a wonderful bout of the stomach flu, I showered and tucked my toesies into them and the buyer's remorse vanished instantly. I will enjoy these and they were well worth the money. A light and continuous dusting of snow reminds me Christmas is coming ever closer. Goal for the evening: buy twinkly lights to wrap around the loft railing and stairs. I may not buy a tree but I think our spiral staircase can be a stand-in. Maybe I'll line a few trinkets up the stairs...

Hope you all have a fuzzy and lovely weekend!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy Winter Break!

Man, I was like a kid in a candy store today. Went to the gym and saw our trainer, he kicked our butts so I suppose it could be attributed to endorphins. Either way, after sliding those 15 pages under my professor's door, I've never felt freer! I went to the mall, got a few gifts, replacement product I needed and then a vegetarian NO RICE sushi roll later...I ended up on the couch, relaxing and allowing my mind to recover. A quick shower and now I'm waiting for my brussel sprouts and sweet potato to cook as I dry rub a chicken breast with seasonings from Saugatuck to put on the Forman! Excellent evening.

Early, 6am run/workout with sis. Encouraging and support her plan to do a mud run in the spring. I'd just like to get the work out in! Then work tomorrow night and another day Thursday off. Taking the boy to the airport, sad, but I'll love the apartment to clean and decorate for the holidays. I plan on Bridget Jones-ing it up! Creativity is something I would like to also explore on this blessed break. Writing and possibly trying my hand at other things. We'll see.

Happy break - I am SO looking forward to it!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Chapter

December will be lovely, but January will be wonderful.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Quiet Morning

I awoke this morning around 7:30, my body now used to getting up before 8, but I told it that it needn't get up that early today and we went back to sleep until 9. Now, more than rested, I stumbled out of bed, happy to feel my legs were no longer as stiff and sore as they had been for the last 2 days post-training session. It is my morning ritual to walk to the living room and look out our window to see what type of weather it will be for the day, warm or cold, rain or dry, blowy or still. And this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a blanket of snow had come in the night to rest on our quiet city. Not a dusting, not a frost, but a few inches making up a blanket. It made everything muffled, quieter, calm. As I write this I'm watching the small unique flakes continue to fall and add to the weight of their predecessors. I have every intention of staying home today, writing and studying, perfecting a paper that I'm eager to turn it and be rid of. Yoga or the gym tonight perhaps, but perhaps not. I might consider hibernating all day and night. Comforting myself with my tea and soft music. I hope you all had lovely starts as well. Enjoy the change.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sore but smiling

Good and glorious morning to you all! I feel invigorated and fresh with the prospect of a new, healthful lifestyle! Sis and I started seeing a personal trainer yesterday and have signed up for the next 10 weeks...oh man are we sore today but the diet he has us on and the no-games work outs are really going to push us to the next level. So, as I sit here eating my oatmeal and drinking black coffee - I think, this isn't so bad. What really needs to be a priority for the next week is school - the end of the semester LITERALLY came out of nowhere and I can't believe this time next week I will be done with classes. And then a blissful, rejuvenating 3 weeks off until the next (and final might I add) round starts.

So for now, I'm going to peruse some of my favorite blogs, check bills and bank accounts and perhaps dive right into studying. A quick jaunt to the mall and work for a minute and I'll be homebound for the rest of the day/evening. See you soon!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Addictions

Sometimes I find myself exhibiting signs of a highly addictive personality. While living in England, I would drink, without fail, a venti peppermint mocha frappucino every day (sometimes twice a day depending on my mood). Seriously, I don't even want to do the math but I was there 3 months or roughly 90 days making that (low-balling) about 90 beverages at around $7.50 a pop...ugggh
Recently, I have been craving all things banana, whole grain and nutty and this recipe from Bake or Break is right up my alley. Can't wait until Saturday morning (or possibly Friday night as I am a double and could potentially go home early) to make these gems. As you can see in my previous post, the oatmeal only fueled my obsession even more.

If only I could become obsessed with working out...start seeing a personal trainer next Tuesday...gulp!