Friday, December 9, 2011

Quiet Morning

I awoke this morning around 7:30, my body now used to getting up before 8, but I told it that it needn't get up that early today and we went back to sleep until 9. Now, more than rested, I stumbled out of bed, happy to feel my legs were no longer as stiff and sore as they had been for the last 2 days post-training session. It is my morning ritual to walk to the living room and look out our window to see what type of weather it will be for the day, warm or cold, rain or dry, blowy or still. And this morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see a blanket of snow had come in the night to rest on our quiet city. Not a dusting, not a frost, but a few inches making up a blanket. It made everything muffled, quieter, calm. As I write this I'm watching the small unique flakes continue to fall and add to the weight of their predecessors. I have every intention of staying home today, writing and studying, perfecting a paper that I'm eager to turn it and be rid of. Yoga or the gym tonight perhaps, but perhaps not. I might consider hibernating all day and night. Comforting myself with my tea and soft music. I hope you all had lovely starts as well. Enjoy the change.

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