Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sore but smiling

Good and glorious morning to you all! I feel invigorated and fresh with the prospect of a new, healthful lifestyle! Sis and I started seeing a personal trainer yesterday and have signed up for the next 10 weeks...oh man are we sore today but the diet he has us on and the no-games work outs are really going to push us to the next level. So, as I sit here eating my oatmeal and drinking black coffee - I think, this isn't so bad. What really needs to be a priority for the next week is school - the end of the semester LITERALLY came out of nowhere and I can't believe this time next week I will be done with classes. And then a blissful, rejuvenating 3 weeks off until the next (and final might I add) round starts.

So for now, I'm going to peruse some of my favorite blogs, check bills and bank accounts and perhaps dive right into studying. A quick jaunt to the mall and work for a minute and I'll be homebound for the rest of the day/evening. See you soon!

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