Friday, November 20, 2009


Sitting in Borders, drinking Peppermint Trio, reading magazines and listening to early Christmas music - it's NOVEMBER but I can't deny I love it. I don't want to go to work tonight. Had another impressive tiff with the infamous frenemy at work - peaks and valleys define our working relationship - I fear we have plummeted into a very deep valley...However, it is the Friday night before a home ND game which means we should be decently busy. Hope so, bills are starting to pile up. Just need to make it through November. That has become a mantra in sis and my household: "Just make it through _______" (insert appropriate month here) both of us assuming the next month will be easier, the income greater, the amounts going out smaller. However, I like to believe it makes us stronger and more resilient to whatever it is we face. We're "scrappy". Thanks mom and dad.
Alright, have many things to be done - even sitting here in Borders, tasks can and need to be completed:

finish grad school essay
write out Thanksgiving grocery list
find directions to Jess's
balance checkbook
...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas/just like the one's I used to know/Where the tree tops glisten and children listen/to hear sleighbells in the snow...

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