Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Corner.

I'm in my little corner. It's an awkward position - it's on my kitchen counter, leaning on the cabinets, feet propped against the fridge. But right now, it's my corner. I'm not working in my corner. I'm not being a sister/daughter/girlfriend in my corner. I'm not studying in my corner. I'm not budgeting in my corner. I am being in my corner. The world is around me but I am separate from it.

I'm not truly separate. I can still hear the washer washing my clothes that I will need to put in the dryer in 10-20. I can hear Jamie coming through the door. My back hurts from working all morning. I have the residue of emotion from the long, intense conversation I had tonight. I have to deal. But I really just want to stay in this corner.

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