Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Staycation v. Vacation

Red and white lights on the lightposts outside. It must be the holidays. 3 jobs. Dear oh dear. Tomorrow will be my 17th day in a row between the three and the next one scheduled off happens to be Thanksgiving - another 15 days away making is a solid 32 in a row. I'm doing ok though, no hallucinations or fits of narcolepsy yet. No time to exercise or cook for fun though. I think I should go somewhere in January - before school starts or the weekend of the first week of class if that's possible...where though? I wish somewhere warm wasn't hundreds of dollars and hours away. Maybe a staycation is what I need. Hole up post-holidays, eat leftovers, sleep and write for a few days. I'll need to buy a robe... Or I can just use some of all of this money I'm making working myself to death to just hop a plane solo and hide out on some beach somewhere for 2 days, eat tropical fruit, sleep and write. That's a nice thought. I'll still need a robe...

1 comment:

  1. I do love how you write! Let me know how the vaca goes, and maybe if you sit with my pooch, I'll follow ya if you end up somewhere neat! That sounds dreamy! HMMMM