Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Friends" Moment

Hello all - it has been nearly 2 weeks since my last post and I promise I have good reasons! Moving, transitioning, and many other -ing's have dominated all of my free time. I must, however, share a seriously cute story of my latest dating story.

As of yesterday, I am officially cohabiting. I don't normally talk about the boy here but this story truly is too good to keep all to myself. On the day of the move, it was a challenge to say the least to figure out where to tell the movers to put our things - each of us having a TOTALLY different idea about the purpose we had for each room. I wanted an office. He wanted a game room. I wanted the second bedroom to have my old bed so I could take naps and escape when I wanted to write. He wanted to turn it into a space for all of his actions figure, football cards, and posters. I wanted to unpack the kitchen alone because I know I will be doing the majority of the cooking. He simply wanted to clear the fastest path through the boxes to get to the fridge without doing a series of hurdles.

After much bickering (in our quiet voices because apparently we wanted to let the movers know we knew what we were doing - hah!) everything was finally unloaded. A mere hour later I had to be at work allowing no time whatsoever to unpack anything whatsoever. I left him with clear instructions to leave the kitchen alone and to set up the living room/entertainment center first. After a long seven hours at work, wishing every minute I could be home unpacking and organizing, I ended up in my car driving the new route to our new apartment. Over and over in my head did I hear the infamous line from "Friends" after Monica and Rachel decide Monica and Chandler can keep the apartment and Rachel will move out. It's a great, bonding moment for them but Monica's shrill voice ends the episode by saying: "But I've got to live with a boy!" obviously dreading the mess, immaturity, and sometimes irritating male presence. Trying to banish these thoughts, I found myself sitting in the arranged and clean living room having been put together perfect by the dear boy. He had spent the previous 15 minutes explaining to me how he had arranged each box in the rooms he thought I would want them and where I could find everything I would need for work the next day. Once we returned to the couch and started watching "Kill Bill: Vol 1", he leaned over and said "Have you found Blade yet?" My thoughts instantly went to the Wesley Snipes movie and forgot that he had a small action figure from some obscure film or comic book. "" He looked excited and exasperated at the same time and pointed to the shelf of DVD's. This is what I saw when I looked:

After telling him that I don't think we had that DVD, he pointed to the stereo and asked who was behind it. This is what I found:

This visual had me laughing until my sides hurt. I giggle even as I write this. The image of the boy taking even a few seconds to strategically place this grinning ghoul so as to appear to be hiding behind our speaker is one of the reasons why I'm so excited to be sharing this space with this someone. He makes me laugh in a side-splitting manner. I look forward to many smiles and do hope this little post brought you one as well.

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