Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Living in the Moment

Barely woke up in time for 6am yoga - but I made it with six minutes to spare. Poor sis's car wouldn't start so she got up early for no reason and no yoga...there's always next week. Just like last week after an hour stretching and posing and holding, I thought that I would be ready to crash for a two hour nap before 10am personal training - however, I opened my eyes from savasana and felt energized and ready to be productive in between workouts. So I came home, made some green tea and ate a pear and did some laundry. I tidied up my room and the living room and decided to make a trip into Chicago for some Whole Foods action and some delicious Intelligentsia coffee. There have been things that have been hanging heavy on my heart lately, worries that I can't shake or figure out or know what to do with. But I was reminded today in yoga, as I have been in the past of a teaching that reaches across practices, religions and faiths - and that is to live in the moment and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow. I so quickly let myself get wrapped up in what might happen or what should happen or what I want to happen that I miss what's going on around me. I think that's why I yearn for a place where there aren't many seasons because I find myself hoping for a warmer day than this one and miss out on the warmth and the sun that is already shining down. So, as the sweet small girl teaching class this morning whispered for us to keep our intentions close and focused, I will try to remind myself everyday, to just be, here, everyday. I don't need to make a decision for something that might happen down the road and I don't need to worry about how happy or unhappy I could be based upon any decision or choice that I make. I just need to be happy today and trust that I will find happiness tomorrow, in some small or large way. And if I make a mistake, or have a bad day, that's ok too. I can move past it knowing that there is a new and fresh start right around the corner. I hope you all take the time to live in the moment today too. From my learning heart, to yours.

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  1. looking forward to every moment you spend and write about in Seattle.
    I must say that I am sad that I am not going with you this time.....various reasons, but mostly because I love traveling with you!
    You always see the best stuff!
    Have a cuppa on me ok?
    Look at some flowers and remember the funny men trying to put all their purchases in one little hatchback!
    and live every moment without regret.....His greatest desire is to fulfill yours!