Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chasing Minutes

I have this terrible tendency to hit the snooze button three, four, sometimes eight times totaling more than an hour slept past my intended waking time. This morning however, I woke to its 7:25 ring, and a short text right after that telling me my sister was sick and unable to make training this morning. I thought for a second how lovely it would be to get an extra hour of sleep so texted the trainer to see if he wanted me solo or just push it til next week. He wanted a workout himself so we decided to skip. I have a very long day ahead of me today - two jobs, a meeting with a friend to feed her dogs before she goes away on her honeymoon, bank and bill paying. So it was incredibly tempting to rest a little while longer. But I didn't. I got up and went for a quick run - only two miles because the changing of the seasons has me short of breath. And then I used the empty room that used to be ours for some yoga. Coffee and homemade breakfast followed and here I sit. Writing this blog. Most days, even the most event-less, I find myself chasing the minutes, unable to fit all the things I want (or need) to do before I have to run off somewhere else. But more often than not - minutes can be found lurking just on the other sides of the comforter, or inside the coffee mug made at home instead of at the drive through Starbucks. I am already planning all manner of things for tomorrow but will take this peaceful morning as a reminder that I can find a moment to be still, write, and prepare for the day. This calm will help me carry on.

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