Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It has been five in the evening for the last thirty six hours or so. The light has stayed the same, a dusty gray that is soaked through with a mist that doesn't penetrate but gives the feeling of dampness to everything - even inside. The air is chilled, the leaves are turning. My dishes have been done almost as soon as they have been used. I baked bread. I went to sleep without crying last night, drowsy before the clock struck nine but unable to focus on the criticism I am supposed to cross reference with my thesis. I am set firmly in between loving this change and chill and shaded light and the desire to leave it behind for the place in the South where I hope my voice will be cheerier or at the very least - less strained and tired. I am less than three months away from this change, one that I am trying to prepare for, but not. What changes are you all making (or avoiding) today?

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