Monday, November 12, 2012

Taking Care

Yet another phrase that I love: "take care." As if "care" was something you can grasp or hold onto or is physically present and there available to you to take. I took care of myself today. I spontaneously booked a massage and a facial. Mondays, after serving the whole weekend, find me feeling drained, groggy and sore. Needless to say I drifted in and out of snoring fits and unconsciousness during my massage - the therapist told me after I emerged that I would...feel a bit slow today. And that's how I feel - how I want to feel. The days are going quickly by and I have a little more than six weeks left in this town. And I need to remind myself to be kind to myself. I hope you are kind to yourselves today. If not a massage or trip to the spa, take care, take a moment of reflection and quiet. There are so few of them to be had anymore...

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