Monday, March 25, 2013

Too little time, but only for a bit longer

I'm feeling so inspired today, so driven, so wanting to do something with my new blog, write, run, do yoga, clean, decorate, shop. But I cannot today. I have to go into work, the spa, for one of three last shifts. It's a terribly inconvenient shift too, 11-7. That takes up almost the entire day. And, so that I could fulfill my silly notion of not leaving them without a month's notice, I had to pick up an evening shift at the restaurant tomorrow so that I could work at the spa today. So silly. I long for April. March has been truly difficult.

However, the cogs in my mind are creaking and oiling themselves with the taste of freedom, days off, and less worry and stress about my income. I think my sudden inspiration is due to the proximity I am to be able to utilize it. It's twenty after ten now and I'm wondering if I should leave early to get a coffee or stay here a bit longer, in my chilly apartment and pick up a little so that when I come home I can focus on writing...?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine was relatively tame, uneventful and as usual, full of work. I hope to be able to define work as writing, and not waiting tables and answering phones. Oh the many somedays, may they reach me soon.

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