Friday, January 15, 2010

money, magazines, and more

more than I expected. I got WAY more than I ever expected. Thanks God. I really hope it works out like I think it will.

I love reading magazines as much as I hate it. Everything is so glossy and perfect and unreal. I am literally rereading this and that statement really is as vapid as it sounds...Things are super inspiring - weight loss guides, diets, quick tricks, dresses, shoes, makeup and vacation hot-spots. It's all so glamorous and easy and beautiful. If only real life were like __________ (fill in the blank). Things are awesome for me though. The boy is out, the money is coming in, job is going great and, well, I'm not losing weight or really making an effort at all even though I KNOW I should, seriously, it can't be that hard. I am getting a belly, well, the belly that I already clearly had is expanding at an exponential rate... Like I always say, tomorrow.

Boys are stupid though, (sorry dad) but I hope that like Bridgit Jones says, one day men will be like house pets - kept to comfort and amuse but beyond that, they have no voice, no rights, and they sleep on the floor...

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