Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heavy Clouds

So tired today. It was like I was under a constant weighted cloud all day. It was a stupid-slow day at work and all I wanted to do was sleep and write. Unluckily, the computer there blocks all the fun sites - like So I waited until now. Most of my inspiration is gone and customers keep trickling in. I can't wait to have many days next week off. It won't seem real but I definitely am looking forward to it. J and I were planning on running to Chicago for the night but remembering the cold and our lack or willingness to brave it I think we'll be pulling a few movie marathons. Maybe Mom will be up for an IKEA trip though...
The gym is calling my name, I feel so much better after. Anything to pull me out of these winter doldrums. Glad it's going to be an early night though. Home by 9, bed by 1030 if I'm lucky. Time to find some fun recipes to cook over break and set aside at least a few hours by myself at home or elsewhere truly giving it a go at writing. I also plan on working my way through "The Artist's Way" as my creativity goal for 2011. I'm taking a writing class as well so perhaps I'll become a fount of words this time next year. A jewelry class was also suggested...Weird. All this writing is like a trip to the gym. I wake up, my mood elevates and I am inspired to do so much more. What inspires you? (lame, I know, but that's a question that will always endure)

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  1. YES! But no money until next weekend. You good for it? LOL