Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jury's still out

Good morning! Enjoying Seattle-bought coffee, chicken apple sausage and almond butter/honey wheat waffles. MMMM. It's 11:07am, January 1, 2011. There have been a lot of ups and downs this year and the jury's still out on whether or not the good outweighed the bad. Perhaps its best not to judge, but celebrate what was good. So here are a few things looking back that I truly enjoyed:

1. Finally visited Seattle - and it was as incredible as we dreamed it would be.
2. Discovered again my love for learning, my fall class awakened why I love literature.
3. Reconnected with my brother, here's to a year of nurturing that relationship.
4. Celebrated my very first anniversary with a boy. Another example of ups and downs but I'm glad I'm beginning this year with him.
5. Fell in love with cooking again.
6. Joined a gym I love.
7. Quit a job. One of the biggest struggles of the year but the final decision will result in my greatest happiness.
8. Found my biggest fault and since then, tried everyday to tell the truth and not embellish on others faults To hide my own.
9. Started blogging!
10. Embraced the not so silly dream of making jewelry. Intend to take a class this spring.

There is so much more but time will not allow. I hope you all had an amazing 2010 and although the good may not outweigh the bad, it's our attitude towards the whole that makes us eager to leap into the next year! So on the count of three:
One, two, three, JUMP!

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