Friday, July 29, 2011

Time to Travel!

Like my dear mother said in her blog yesterday, I have been infected with her wanderlust since I was a very small child. I remember reading the book and seeing the movie "A Little Princess" and wishing that I could grow up in India (with affluent British parents and a lavish houseboat, of course).

However, I grew up floating from place to place in the south and Midwest with a brief but beautiful 3 months in England my sophomore year of college. I always have the itch to hop on a plane or fill my tank and head off in a new direction. I believe traveling helps us grow, mature, broaden our thinking and horizons and exposure to new places, people, and cultures. Our newest planned (or rather unplanned and spontaneous) trip will be to Las Vegas in about 10 days. I took the week off and have always wanted to go back since my first visit there 2 years ago. I had gone with an old love, one I'd hoped to rekindle but soon found it to be as dead as the barren dessert surrounding America's playland.

I am excited to return with someone that does love me, possibly more than anyone else on this earth. I'm excited to see the bright lights with eyes not worried about anything but enjoying myself. It will be a freedom that I hope will bring us even closer and our wanderlust can be satiated for even a brief time. However, I am sure it will return soon...

p.s. apologies for having to use other's photo's - while all are credited to their source - I hope to have plenty of my own material soon and after this trip!