Saturday, July 21, 2012

New Dedication

Hello Blogging World. I feel as if I have been a fair (or stormy) weather blogger. I know that my mother and father are pretty much the only people that read this but I also know how cathartic it is to write here. So I hope to rededicate to a more consistent blogging pattern - let's call it the great place of preparation for my departure, shall we? I woke up hesitatingly, not wanting to crawl out of my too-comfortable bed for the yoga class I've been planning on attending since last week. But, with the ever-so convincing mantra now forever playing in my head "You never regret working out, but you certainly may regret not going." So I went. And it was wonderful. I needed it. And it was challenging in a way that reminded me that there are things that I can learn and be challenged by in this town. I so easily get lost in the idea of "this town is absolutely pointless and there is nothing here that I can be interested in or have fun doing." This pose was certainly the hardest and scariest I've ever done - but stoked to have been able to do it! That silly notion was also put to rest when J and I went kayaking yesterday for a couple of hours. It is something I've always wanted to do here and knowing this, J (did his best) to set it up after my return home from Austin. It was a perfect day. Light breeze, full sun, pleasant kayak-renter-guy. And I loved it. Got a great tan and arm workout in the process too. So there, second thing that can be enjoyed in this town... Began thinking about all the things I will need to do to prepare for my next great adventure and I believe working and saving are going to be the biggest parts of that. Oh, yes, and also the whole "finishing of the thesis" thing. I would like to reach 40 pages by August 1st. Let's see how that goes. I will also not consider this blogging a distraction but more of a jumping-off point. Something that gets my fingers warmed up for typing and my mind flowing with words and ideas. Because, let's face it - you readers (mom and dad) are much easier people to please with my writing than my director and professors there's less pressure but more freedom to just, well, write.

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  1. I am so glad I didn't go to yoga, but will have to tell Kimberly what she missed.
    You know, posting on facebook that you have a new blog is a great way to let those who know you, know what you are doing. Try it and see.
    Sometimes it gives you just enough pressure to write something good. And if yoiu don't feel up to par, don't fb post. But at least friends and loved ones will kniw where you are.