Thursday, August 25, 2011


There's nothing quite like waking up late, making yourself some coffee and taking your time. I was not built to get up before the sun. I wish I had been, I really do. There have been many moments preparing for a long trip, going into work earlier than normal or a brief attempt at trying to reset my fitness clock to begin at 6am. I enjoy the quiet, the gray haze where night and sunrise meet.

But...when I have slept as long as my body would like and I feel truly rested I wouldn't trade it for 6am haze any day.

I feel lucky this morning, blessed and inspired. I wrote nearly 4 pages of a new short story that came to me suddenly yesterday afternoon. The images, words, characters and setting was as clear in my mind as a memory from yesterday. I can't wait to share it. Just a little girl's experience in a cherry field...

I hope your day is beautiful as well.

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