Monday, August 8, 2011


We are leaving today - in about 10 hours or so we'll be on a plane towards the middle of this country's desert. And at this point, I wouldn't care if it was nothing BUT desert because at least it would be several hundred miles away from here. I have a horrible escape complex and this weekend and day especially is draggin me down like none has before. Much of it I bring upon myself but a lot of it is also people taking advantage of me and my time. I hope to escape these next four days. I have to go back to work on Friday, a full 5 days sooner than I had originally hoped to return to work but it must be done. Can't wait to fill this with pictures and writing from my travels. And fuck, (excuse the profanity) but if I can't get out of the spa completely and continue to get wrangled into shifts I didn't want then who's to stop me from spending that extra and unnecessary money for Christmas in Paris or a week in the fall in Venice. I ask you: who will stop me?

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