Sunday, January 20, 2013


What a terrible and tragic waste, the love lost between Heathcliff and Catherine. Even though they are fictional characters, each time I revisit their story, my heart is wrenched and aches for the terrible hand that was dealt to them. Perhaps unwisely because I was alone and tired and hormonal, I watched the 2009 Masterpiece Collection starring Tom Hardy. Now, let it be known if it isn't already to some of you, I love, love Tom Hardy and it did nothing for my infatuation to see him play one of my favorite anti-heroes of all time. Needless to say I sobbed at the end. There were certainly some things that I wished they had done differently but for the most part, it was a lovely film and Mr. Hardy did a wonderful job of conveying the depths that Heathcliff was forced to inhabit. It made me wonder, however, what kind of depths and heights I may reach during my time here on earth. I hope for great things, wonderful things, things that will make me feel alive and grateful to be so lucky. Alternatively, I wonder how truly I can live without some sort of great tragedy. Will I too, have a Heathcliff? Do not get me wrong, I do not hope for misfortune, seek it out, or in any way look forward to pain, but wonder how possible it is to appreciate the light without a bit of the dark. My sister has told me before how lucky I have always been - never really experiencing any kind of struggle or hardship. To each their own, and pain and suffering is relative but she may be right. How will I know what is real and what is important until it is jeopardized? Forgive me, dark musings after dwelling on the moors of Wuthering Heights for the evening. I will try to bring something lighter tomorrow or the next day. I do, however, hope even in the most masochistic of ways, for my own Heathcliff...what feeling girl wouldn't?

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