Monday, January 7, 2013

Making My Way

Hello dear friends, I sit here in a cafe - waiting for the ND v. AL game to start, cheering my old home state against more recent one. Most of my days since moving here and sending my loved ones home have consisted with a lot of reading, some writing, quite a bit of spending and general mosy-ing around. I have very little direction right now and while almost all of my time is my own - I haven't set down to a strict writing schedule. I wonder if it is because I don't have internet at home yet? Either way, I have enjoyed discovering new parts of town and haunting many cafes using their WIFI. I look forward to being home though - my home - my new one. I have a visitor coming Saturday and I feel as if after that I will be able to fully invest in this new life. I have committed to a full 7 days of yoga with the option of a full 7 days of running. I did Sunday and Monday so far and see no reason why I should stop. It is going to be a great life here. Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful new year!

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