Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sitting at Borders, waiting for my car to have its belt replaced, studying, getting many things done and plotting out the fastest way to crawl into my comfy bed to take a nap before work...A great many things are changing - or about to change. I finish school in 3 weeks. FINALLY. I have several books to read, a bibliography, dozens of articles, a 12-15 page paper for one class, a 10 page in another, and a presentation. I'm sure there are many other things I need to do, journals, discussion questions, forum postings etc but I feel productive enough for this morning, I think an hour nap is in order. Besides, I'm allergy-ey and can barely keep my eyes open. It is definitely spring. Warm air even though its cloudy and rainy. I love it. Another thing that will change is I think I have to go back to UK. My pride is screaming at me not to but my desire for stability and freedom from debt is screaming louder. I just need to be quiet when I am there. Be a completely different person than I was there at first. I need no attitude. Oh dear God let me be able to do this!!!

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