Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wanderlust and Warts

mmmmmmazing pedicure tonight - except she made me think I had a wart (which I don't) and realize I need to get these WAY more often. SO nice.

Tomorrow morning is my last day of class. I have a paper due next week but really, I'm pretty much sure I don't care about it at all. I'm going to do well, and work really hard at making it an A-paper but tonight, at work, with no reading, no articles, journals, discussion questions or serious papers to write - I LOVED it. I really really did and I'm really really nervous that I won't want to go back in the fall. I know I should and I'm about 93% positive I will, but summer is going to be awesome SO ya, just need to talk to loan officials, maybe even start conversing with publishing houses - see if its even necessary. I do finally feel like LIG has accepted my new position there. So that's good.

Mom, I want to go flea marketing - not antiquing but go buy some S*** that's really cheap but awesome.

Speaking of madre - she's leaving on a trip with my dad and I don't know if she really remembers or not but the last couple of times she went, on the phone and when she got back (with the exception of missing her umbilically-attached dog) she loved every minute. I get my wanderlust from her. Wander away, Mom. Enjoy yourself.

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