Thursday, May 19, 2011

And so it begins...

My afternoon/evening started off with a bang (with pots and pans that is). I went to Macy's to buy a new set because after all, if I'm going to be serious about these new cooking adventures I must have the proper tools... hour and a half later the salespeople were still trying to figure out how to process my transaction so that I was not charged for my "bonus gift" of 3 stainless steel bowls with the purchase of my cooking set. Once all of the necessary (and unnecessary) information was given the three of them (yes, it took three salespeople to handle little ol' me) attempted to persuade me to either utilize their purchase delivery-to-car amenity or at the very least make me use a cart to take my purchases downstairs via elevator. When I said that I was sure I could hook the bag on my wrist and carry the box myself, they all looked at me in surprise and almost horror. Not only was I surely shocking their sensibilities purchasing these things for myself, alone, without a newly wedded husband or choosing it as part of a wedding registry but that I dared carry a box over 10lbs down to my car myself! Only for the briefest moments did I agree with them as I approached the downward escalator without a free hand to grab the railing. My balance has never been the greatest and my fear of falling from great heights has always gotten the best of me. But, then I remembered that this box was not permanently attached to me, just like the salespeople's judgements about my solitary purchase. I realized that I could set the box down on the moving stair and jump on behind it, losing no balance or sense of independence.

And so beings the cooking...

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  1. And dinner was sooooo very wickedly good. However, you should have left the remaining lemon squares for your mommas to enjoy after their long trip to Chicago!
    Delve in my darling girl!