Thursday, May 12, 2011

So here's the deal.

I am wildly excited to announce I will soon have the freedom to explore the passions and interests that I have flirted with but never had the time to indulge. I have decided to take a very large step down from a beautiful place that I have called "the job" for some time now. (Funny, I always feel like I write when I'm making these life-changing and job-altering decisions). I suppose that is the reason I am writing and more importantly, the reason I am quitting. I don't want "WORK" to be the only thing I have to talk about. I don't want my 9-5 job to be a 24-hour a day duty. I want and am excited to soon have the freedom to cook. The freedom to write. The freedom to travel. Leaving the t-shirt shop I knew that I was entering another role of responsibility and a few weeks in I quickly realized that my time was no longer truly my own. Over a year later, I have the guts to say enough is enough.

So what can you expect to see few and loving readers? You can expect a new world of tastes. A new outlook on life. A voice that sounds rested and happy and not drained and distracted. I hope to share recipes, photos, adventures, and musings. It will not begin for a while - but it's coming. I assure you. It's coming.

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