Friday, May 20, 2011

Beautiful day.

Thankfully, the sweet girl at work offered to work my morning at the spa. This means I allowed myself to have a little more wine than usual last night, slept a little bit later (only 30 minutes of sleeping in) and after a few loose ends to tie up at work (even though I wasn't actually there) I had the rest of morning/afternoon before heading to the restaurant at 5. So I went for a bike ride. I put my sunglasses on and earphones in and rode around for an hour. I went to the farmer's market - something I never have a chance to do, and I rode by the river and ended up at my favorite cafe to sit outside on a sunny day.

I am loving this day. Summer is finally showing her face. I wish I lived somewhere that it was possible for me to bike everywhere I needed to go. If I wanted to go to the store or work from my apartment - total death route. Someday...

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