Friday, September 2, 2011

Bad day

Don't you just hate those? Doesn't it always just make everyone and everything irritating? I literally pointed and said "That needs to stop" at an INFANT who was babbling and goo-goo ga-ing. I felt an explosion welling up inside of me and that is simply NOT ok. It's time to take a step back and realize the things that ARE going right in my life.

-more than halfway through my M.A. (somewhat mediocre classes but maybe they'll get better as time goes on)
-almost 4 weeks into a great running program and tomorrow is a rest day!
-a mom who knows when I need a frozen yogurt and a vent-session
-a boyfriend who is so close to something that will make EVERYTHING better.
-two jobs where essentially I could get away with murder (even so, this privilege comes with the cost of being everyone's bitch.)
-Monday is Labor Day, I intend to take my recently repaired car (for the small, small sum of $3,000) to either Chicago or Grand Rapids. My flight, never fight instinct is kicking in strong and while I can't yet move I can certainly get outta town for 12-24 hours or so. I think I might go alone. I need some time that's entirely devoted to myself and no one else's hang ups or happiness.
-the (hot) sun is shining.
-a recent gift from above-mentioned boyfriend makes it possible to listen to great music in the car from my iPod instead of suffering through either U93 or the multitude of country channels our dear town boasts of.
-it's a home game tomorrow, join us at the restaurant and sit at my table ready to spend some money all you locals and visitors alike.

There really are many more wonderful things that make my life and time here in the Midwest worth getting out of bed for. I just need to remind myself from time to time and in the mean time - I need to learn to say "no".

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  1. amen sister friend! GO to grand always find peace there and your mama will worry less. You can even get some walking on the beach time and a stop at our favorite lil artist town! I love you!