Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day Off

They never quite go the way you want them to - sometimes they turn out better, sometimes worse, sometimes just different. Today was different. I wanted to drive up to Grand Rapids last night thinking how nice it would be to get groceries at the local market (the bridge between Martins and Whole Foods - not quite as expensive but still cool stuff), get a cup of coffee and read in my favorite college cafe. But, thoughts of bills, saving money and the fact that I would be driving 4 hours for a total of (at most) 5 hours of time spent there wasn't quite what I was willing to do. SO I slept in and got a great cup of coffee in town instead. Got quite a bit of reading done, hung out with my fella and got rid of A LOT of excess things I've just been collecting and unwilling to let go. I am now 10 pairs of shoes, multiple items of clothing, outdated and unused product from lotions to hair products to masques, broken and never worn jewelry, and dozens of magazines lighter. I will bring it to my sister to see if she would like to add anything to her collections - if not - to Goodwill it goes. Delicious and half-off wings wrapped up the day.
I don't work until 5 tomorrow and my goals for the day are to write, study, run, and cook a Cream Cheese Banana Bread after grocery shopping. However, I am open to changes, moments of happiness and opportunities that present themselves. All in all, very happy girl here. Hope your day was wonderful too!

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  1. sounds like the best kind of day.....watching greys would make it complete! Not calling you for panera this morning my late night girl!