Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Never take it for granted.

Sometimes I gripe, sometimes I vent, sometimes I storm and whine and pout and stomp my foot like the most spoiled of children. However, I believe that I have found the perfect balance. While I still work and am fully aware that it comes with drama and frustrations and not everything being perfect, I do love the simplicity and rewards (both monetary and otherwise) that come from my job (my one, main job. I still have the's just a one-day-a-week-er). And the biggest beauty of it all is that I can leave it there - I no longer have to bring work home with me! And where I've found this balance, this ability to be happy is that I don't start any kind of obligation until 5pm at the earliest! I have my mornings and afternoons all to myself! For example: I had the freedom to stay up until 3am and catch up on Grey's Anatomy and then sleep until 10am! Love that! Then I went for a run enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons and the strength and stamina I am gaining as I continue to run 4 days a week. After returning home sweaty and invigorated I went out for brunch - so good - read a book, drank delicious coffee and again, enjoyed the day. Grocery shopping with the boy's money and now home smelling the delicious banana bread baking in the oven while I write this post. This is what it's all about. This entire morning/afternoon has been moments of happiness. I am happy when my time is my own - or at least some of the time. I will probably never stop working but having this opportunity to enjoy freedom from waking until 5pm at least 4 days a week I will never take for granted. Especially when I produce yummy things like this...

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  1. thanks so much...happiness makes you a better cook...and I love the rewards!