Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good Day

So after a weekend where I was seemingly being taken advantage of by everyone I knew, Monday brought with it a fresh start and a fresh perspective. I was impressively lazy, dozing on the couch until noon, woke up craving donuts and coffee with ma mere and later a 60minute run/walk followed by a headache kept me indoors for the rest of the night. I washed newly bought towels and enjoyed their warm fluffiness. Then I made this incredible pizza and watched tv all night.

Today has been just as good if not better. Woke early, had a productive work meeting, went to the gym and after 30minutes light cardio I did a wonderful yoga-inspired strength training routine. An egg white omelet at the restaurant and hot green tea to top it off and here I am writing you!

Hoping for good news today for the boy. Please dear God let it be good news. Then a MASSAGE at 5 and yoga at 7:30. What a great day! Must fit some homework in here somewhere....maybe tomorrow :)

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