Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crisp Morning

Today is already starting out better than the last! A dear friend shared a surprisingly delicious Earl Grey tea latte (normally I hate Earl Grey...but this was just lovely). Made it out of bed early enough to grab breakfast on the way into work and am loving being surrounded by windows and able to see the bright sunshine on this crisp, fall morning! I even chose this day to enjoy my very last Sake Lemon Candle from Voluspa - shame they discontinued it but we must enjoy things when we can! Goals for the day include finishing homework and beginning my response journal for poetry (blech) but excited about this new piece I've been working on...let's see if it goes anywhere. Happy weekend all! I hope there are many wonderful things that bring a smile to your face this adorable sheep scarf I've been wanting to go back and buy now for days!

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