Friday, November 18, 2011

Bright Clear Morning

Hello all! This bright, clear morning reminds me of England all of the sudden. My recent habits include waking around 9 - crawling out of bed around 930 and venturing out for coffee by 10. This was much like my routine in England except for one small difference...I would walk into town. I stayed there September-December, arguably the most beautiful time of year and my walks from the flat into downtown were some of my favorite 20 minutes I ever spent during those days. I would pass people heading to work, mothers pushing their infants, men walking dogs, Indian grocery stores, gas (or rather petrol) stations, restaurants and schools.

I loved how the seasons changed under my feet ranging between the magnificently green shrubbery and grass glistening after a morning rain to the yellow leaves crunching as I walked down the hill from Bentham Gardens to Kingston. I never minded when I had to carry an umbrella or stop mid-way to take off my sweater because the sun was too warm. I miss those walks because it gave me time to think, plan my day, or simply be quiet as I noticed everything around me. Here, it's more difficult to take time and just be when you're in the car, focused on driving, looking for music or checking the mirror to see if you need another coat of lipstick before work. It was a healthier way of life then, how better than to count on 20 minutes of exercise first thing in the morning and if one walks into town then surely you must walk back...another 20 minutes, and this time, uphill...

It was lovely and while I would never live in Kingston again, that was a time for change and youth and experience, I would love to find a town that allowed me a simpler commute. One that didn't require a car, or gas, or an absence of time spent walking or biking. Was it Walden or Emerson that said how important it was to take an hour a day and walk in nature (probably Walden) and how beneficial it was to one's creativity and health. Here's to the pursuit.

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