Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dark Morning

It was a rough day yesterday - overly exhausted, tired of working all the time again and generally worried about school and future and life...But then, the boy made me smile and I got to working on my paper even though I didn't think I had the mental capacity to do anything productive, I actually made some progress. Then, begrudgingly I got up this morning at 6:35am and went to the gym. Was supposed to meet sis but she understandably chose her warm bed over the cold, dark morning. I had a moment where I considered crawling back in, gym clothes and all, but thought that it would at most grant me another 40 minutes of sleep before I had to get up to go to work. SO I chose the gym. And it was hard, and I haven't been in forever, but it was worth it. I feel great, energized, focused and ready to tackle this paper! I'm hoping to focus most of the evening/afternoon on it. It's the first of the month so that also means bills, and rent and bank is to be paid and visited. But that's ok. It won't take long. Early dinner with Mom and a meeting at 2 should set me up for a great evening. IF I get enough done, I may even try to attend yoga...that would be so nice - I know my body needs it - it really needs it every week but pushing myself to go is sometimes for difficult than you could imagine.
So, about 40 minutes left at work, then errands and lunch. I am HUNGRY!

Hope you all have an absolutely beautiful day - it's gorgeous out there.


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  1. as the weather turns, our bodies adjust. they like to hibernate as the trees and animals do. in our rush rush world, we have gotten out of that habit, and sometimes our bodies protest as we push forward. praying for you, take vitamin c, and luch, do you mean early dinner with me? love you bunches my poo!