Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grey Skies 2

These have been quite a few productive days...the only problem is keeping it up. Gym every morning so far (3 days), absolutely spotless apartment and baking done. More homework needs to be done as well as some budgeting and research in all manner of future things. I wish I have been doing a great deal of writing during these gifted days off but it would seem I can't bring myself around to it. Dishes and research and coffee continue to distract. I should make it a goal, like the gym, to devote an hour a day to writing. Honestly, there are 24 of them, one shouldn't be that difficult to set aside for something I truly enjoy and hope to become better at. How do I do this one might ask? Practice, silly rabbit. So off I go. I will workshop some poems written by classmates then an hour for writing. There should be no better inspiration than these grey skies and howling winds...

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