Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mid-Week ugh

So, mid-week and I'm frustrated because my time doesn't feel like my own again. Yesterday was great - did so many fun things like sleep in, get groceries, meet Mom for coffee, get a massage, study and make yummy dinner and guess what?! Work wasn't part of any of it! But because of the difficulty of the "job" I agreed to go in for 3 more days of training this week. Only a couple hours but nevertheless it frustrates me. Oh well, I'll just look at it as a couple more bucks to save towards not having to go in there again.

And to improve my mood mid-post, I decided to use some of the yummy groceries I got yesterday and juice and make a great breakfast (see pictures below). That is homemade oatmeal with banana and brown sugar and a kale-celery-spinach-apple-lemon juice. So good and so good for you!

So while I may not be excited to go to work on a usual days off - at least I am going in later and have the time in the morning to make a wonderful, keep-me-going breakfast. Hopefully to the gym after and some real sit-down studying. Em wanted to go out again tonight - we'll see...spent quite a bit on groceries last night...

Oh, how I wish I could create something!

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