Friday, November 4, 2011

Dear Tuesday

Dear Tuesday,
Why are you so hard to reach? I feel like it's been ages since we've had time to be together, without any distractions or worries. I know it's mainly my fault working again so much but I wish you would hurry up and get here already. Is the traffic bad where you're coming from? The sun is out, I hope it stays long enough to see you. I have so many plans for our reunion! First I would like to spend the first part of your visit early enough that the middle part doesn't creep up on us...I intend to go to the gym and work out so that I'm fresh and energized for the playing later. I hope you're alright if I spend some of the time cleaning...I would hate it if when you left again the apartment was a wreck and we didn't get to spend anytime enjoying the great space free of clutter and dishes. Then, I would like to go to the market and the store for good, healthy food to eat for the week. It might be fun, Tuesday, to try cooking some recipes or packaging some foods together so the rest of the week is easier! Then, if you don't mind, I would like to try writing/studying for a great while, perhaps even for the rest of the night. Tuesday will be just for us, no boys, no family, no work, no anything but you and me, spending time together and catching up on all the things that the rest of the selfish days have taken over.

It's only a short three and a half days and you'll be here. You in all your relaxed, non-committed, work-less ways makes me so excited to see you!


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