Tuesday, December 22, 2009

friends, with money

dear friends, K and E. We all go through such turbulent times - I wish things weren't going poorly for at least one of us in the group at a time. Such is life. It snowed today, the pretty, fluffy snow that makes you want to take a walk; wrap up in a warm pea coat, pull on tall boots and socks, and walk with your face to the sky welcoming the soft flakes on your face.

Money is finally working itself out - I think. I know God's got this, and I'm worrying less (or at least making a valiant effort to try) and it would seem that I'll be fine this weekend, and the next. Just hoping it will all happen once I consolidate my credit cards - may need help with that (M&D) but here's hoping I won't. Maybe people will be so filled with the Christmas spirit that they will just throw money at me this weekend and next!! Really, just need to get through until the 11th. After that it will all be JUST FINE!!!! I'm surviving, I'm knocking the debt down, one bill at a time. A steady paycheck is going to be so nice as soon as I can budget it in, figure out how to plan for things. Breathe in, breathe out - it's all going to work out.

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